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Decathlon S.A. (French pronunciation: ​[dekatlɔ̃]) is a French sporting goods retailer. With over 1,500 stores in 57 countries, it is the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. Its holding company was formerly known as Oxylane.

Back in July 2020 Billy Briggs published a piece about DECATHLON accused of profiting from ‘slaughter’ of songbirds for THE FERRER

A global sports retailer with stores in Scotland is embroiled in controversy after being accused of “promoting and profiting” from the “slaughter” of songbirds. French multinational Decathlon, which has shops in Renfrew and Edinburgh, has been targeted by animal rights campaigners after advertising gun cartridges specially designed for killing songbirds. Several organisations have expressed concern over the firm’s promotion of songbird hunting and a petition highlighting the issue had more than 42,000 signatures at time of writing. The petition calls on the company to revise its product range and “make a meaningful contribution to wildlife protection”. It also says that Decathlon’s claim that it aims to “protect our mother nature” and “have a positive impact on the planet” should be removed from its websites. Decathlon UK responded by apologising on Twitter and saying that the gun cartridges advertised were not for sale in the UK – although they are available to buy in other countries due to different wildlife laws. But critics say the company should stop promoting the hunting of songbirds completely in order to protect threatened bird species across Europe. Decathlon, which has 2000 stores in 56 countries, advertises gun cartridges which are specially designed by its “hunting engineers” for shooting “thrush, songbirds, redwing, fieldfare and mistle thrush”. This has roused opposition though and the petition against the French firm says: “Within the borders of the EU, birds have had special conservation status since the creation of the landmark Birds Directive in 1979, a policy designed to protect the populations of all bird species from hunting and habitat loss. “Nevertheless the activity continues today – purely for entertainment, and also for profit. ‘Hunters’ pay to partake in shooting trips, and songbird recipes are still prized in many European restaurants.” The petition was started by Colin Maclennan who questioned why the “otherwise respected global sports retailer Decathlon” should be promoting the “slaughter of wildlife for entertainment, particularly the songbirds and migratory birds which we know and love”. He told The Ferret: “This includes many at-risk species such as turtle doves which governments and conservation bodies have been working for decades to protect. The killing of tens of millions of birds across Europe each year is totally unacceptable, and we won’t be letting up until Decathlon reverse their unsustainable and immoral approach.” A spokeswoman for the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) also expressed concern and said: “This advert refers to song birds and small migratory birds, which are some of our most threatened species. The turtle dove has seen UK numbers decline by 98 per cent since 1970. “The issues facing any species whose numbers are in such serious trouble need addressing urgently, which includes the promotion of their continued hunting across Europe.” Eve Massie, of animal welfare charity, OneKind, described the hunting of songbirds and migratory birds as a “cruel pastime”. She added: “We were appalled to learn that Decathlon UK had listed a range of products on its website being promoted as ‘specially designed’ for the killing of ‘songbirds’ and ‘small migratory birds. “While we appreciate that Decathlon UK may have listed the products promoting the killing of songbirds and migratory birds in error, they still stock hunting clothing for the legal hunting of animals in the UK on their website. “We’d urge Decathlon UK to recognise that animals are sentient beings, who can experience considerable mental and physical suffering when hunted, and to stop promoting sporting products for the hunting of animals.”


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Current Employee - Omni-Sports Leader says

"bad management, bad organisation, I honestly cannot believe an international company can be this unorganised"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Messy, 0 rules, unreliable management"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- messy as hell - unstructured process and guidelines"

Current Employee - Store Sales says

"Bad Management, love to issue warning letters and fire people for personal reasons"

Former Employee - Sports Leader says

"- poor leaders with your coaches given too much power. Avoid the marketing team - they dont know what theyre doing and they give positions to people just because theyve been in the company for long. loyalty isnt expertise. you might as well hire a cleaner and make that guy the CEO for working 20 years at the company - pay isnt great either - avoid the manager handling the traffic in the team. doesnt know what shes doing and pretends to be nice all over"

Former Employee - Sports Leader says

"No work life balance No respect NO proper work timings, sometime you have to come in morning around 6 and go home at 10 or 11 in night break shifts and less break time Very Bias store leaders and team leader"

Former Employee - Human Resources Manager says

"too many. They will use your knowledge and take you out as soon as they are done."

Current Employee - Business Finance Partner says

"Petty politics right from the top management to the bottom. HR here is a joke. They practically dont exist. Your manager is your HR and if your manager is bad, you are a goner. He/she will ensure to destroy everything about you. Lots of blame game and politics. You can't trust your managers to support you or help you grow. They will backstab you just for their growth. An extreme toxic work environment. The work is stagnated, they have too many people for doing less job and each of them are getting ridiculously high paid for no god damn reason. You dont learn much when it comes to work because there is no quality work or growth in career."

Former Employee - Sports Leader says

"No work ethics, Politics, Fired me without giving the appropriate reasons, Worst Coach at Jaipur centre, no proper rules and regulations"

Current Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"Even though all the stores are closed during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the warehouse is still operating under unhealthy and risky conditions putting people's lives in danger!"

Part-Time Satış Danışmanı (Former Employee) says

"Decathlon bir öğrenci için ek gelir sağlayabileceği bir mağazadan ötesi değil maalesef. Uygunluğunuza göre shift yazılması dışında bir artı yön göremedim. -Harcadığınız efora karşılık çok düşük ücretle çalışacaksınız. -Çocukların gelip bağırış, çağırışları eşliğinde top oynayarak bozduğu reyonları düzenleyeceksiniz. -Mesai saatleri dışında, satışların takibi, analiz yapıp tablo oluşturmak gibi angarya işlerle uğraşacaksınız. -Vasıfsız yöneticilerin eleştiriyle ve iğneleyici laflarıyla çalışacaksınız. -Sahada belli bir göreviniz, boş tek bir saniyeniz bile olmayacak, reyon boşsa kasaya, kasa boşsa reyona geçeceksiniz. Ne kadar çabalarsanız, koşarsanız koşun, hep daha fazlasını isteyecekler. -Pozisyon olarak yükselmek ya da ofise geçmek pek mümkün değil. Çok uzun seneler çalışırsanız belki genelde daha üst düzey pozisyonlar için dışardan alım yapılıyor. Sonuç olarak çeşitli sektörlerde çeşitli çalışma şartlarında çalışmış biri olarak önermiyorum. 1 seneye yakın gözlem ve deneyimlerim bu şekilde.Shiftin uygunluğunuza göre yazılmasıYukarıda detaylı olarak bahsettiğim her şey"

Vendedor (Former Employee) says

"• um dia típico no trabalho é: stressante • gestão: horrível • cultura e ambiente do trabalho: depende dos dias ora é bom ora é mau • a parte mais fácil do trabalho: a competitividade extrema0Quase tudo"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"The management are bullies. The HR department are disappointing and unhelpful in conflict resolutions. The atmosphere was horrendous, staff with multiple warnings still not working with the company. Higher management are "good friends" so turned a blind eye towards the bullying store managers. I have never worked in such a degrading and emotionally damaging atmosphere."

Vendeur caissier (Former Employee) says

"Bidon vraiment pas terrible du tout. Têtes à claques, jeunes péteux à baffer."

Parcel Curator (Former Employee) says

"Low pay. 6 days work. One of the days must be weekend. You can’t choose. Some colleagues are very poor and act like they’re busy when they’re actually not and don’t want to help out. Can’t joke in this company. Can’t listen to music or joke when working. Boring workplace. Some favouritism is shown clearly."

Warehouse operative (Former Employee) says

"Quite a racist environment, hardly any English employees, the manager is always on holiday while you do all the dirty work, unfair promotions, very short breaks, expected to stay late at night overtime unpaid. Its a good job but you can really do a lot better."

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Minable L'ambiance de travail est hypocrite et délétère, nulle, les baskets sont de rigueur et il n'y a pas de code vestimentaire, pour autant le flicage est constant, c'est infernal, invivable"

Sport Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My experience at decathlon was awful. Store manager doesn't care or listen to their staff, not professional and treats employees with no respect. Department managers are just as bad. So so rude and made working there so uncomfortable. I would never advise anyone to work here.Thank you for leaving a review of your experience at Decathlon. We're sorry to hear you had a negative experience and we will take this feedback to continue to improve our 'Winning Team First' commitment."

Addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"Tutto negativo ti fanno fare di tutto e poi con una scusa ti mandano via passati I tre mesi."

Técnico Logístico y Gestión de Personal (Former Employee) says

"Te llegan a prometer un desarrollo que luego es inexistente"

Procurement (Former Employee) says

"messy environment with a crew that are not polite and honest"

Verkäuferin (Former Employee) says

"Enttäuschend nachdem ich gezwungen wurde ,die Abteilung zu wechseln ohne gefragt zu werden, ging der Alptraum los .Der neue Abteilungsleiter war nicht Teamfähig.Habe eine Kundin helfen wollen, sagte es wäre falsch .Ich dachte das wäre der Job.eine Woche später meinte er ich sollte bis Sonntag was ausarbeiten , ich sagte nur ich arbeite Sonntags nicht . Habe vergeblich um ein Gespräch gebeten, weil ich mit ihn nicht arbeiten kann. Das ende vom Lied war er hat vor mir mit dem Filialleiter gesprochen und ich hatte keine Chance die Sichtweise aus meiner Seite zu erklären und bin gefeuert worden. Fragte was wäre der Grund , der Filialleiter sagte ich hätte doch gesagt ich kann doch nicht mit dem Abteilungsleiter arbeiten . Wir sind hier nicht bei Wünsch dir was. WOW für so eine Firma möchte ich Defenitiv nicht arbeiten. Tja das ist der Dank für Einsatz und weil man Kunden binden wollte .Wasser für die Angestellten"

contrat CDI (Former Employee) says

"Pas de possibilité de s'exprimer si on ne pensons pas comme eux!"

Teamleiter die wo kein Plan haben (Former Employee) says

"Hunger Lohn 3 Schichten im Monat für 1320€ plus Samstag ArbeitKeineVieles"

Dependienta/Cajera (Current Employee) says


Addetta alle vendite (Former Employee) says

"È difficile riassumere questa esperienza in poche parole. Quando si ha a che fare con capi reparto incompetenti, hanno un vocabolario molto ristretto e non sanno organizzare il lavoro. Quasi tutti fissati di sport, meglio starne alla larga. Contratti brevi e per sfruttare le personeOrario part timeContratti brevi"

Verkäuferin (Former Employee) says

"Man wird nicht gelobt und man zeigt keine Anerkennung. Und am letzten Tag muss man voll arbeiten und wird dann entlassen. auch erhält man kein Arbeitszeugnis oder sonstige Unterlagen wenn man dort nicht auf den Putz haut."

Vendeur (Former Employee) says

"Travailler pour Décathlon Saint Pierre est une blague: gens incompétents, mauvaise ambiance et horaires terribles. Tu as des horaires différents tous le jours, et ils veulent des sportifs avec un sport passion? Quand va-t-on faire ce sport? Il y a même des gens de 36 ans là-bas. Allez, les gens, étudiez, formez-vous parce que c'est honteux de travailler comme vendeur au SMIC à cet age là. J'ai commencé avec 10 personnes, à la fin du CDD, il n'y avait qu'1 personne qui volait continuer. Il y a toujours de nouvelles têtes à Décat, personne n'y reste. Cadres, donnez des horaires plus humains à vos employés et vous ne devrez pas dépenser autant en formation. Le clients voient ça--"

Ventas y atención al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Los superiores te tratan indebidamente, haciéndote de menos. Los compañeros genial."

Atencion al cliente (Former Employee) says

"Decatlón me contrato , me hace ilusiones pintando todo bonito y a la semana me echa sin motivos algunoDirección es fatal"

David Liu says

"The management system is racist: one tier for all the French expats and a second tier for all local staff. Expats are hellbent on being bosses and expect local staff to just do or follow them without question. HR is a joke and any manager who is power-hungry can just take responsibility. Local staff also do no appreciate anything until management takes it away from them. "

Jim Lundy says

"Hi paack /Decathlon has just said they have attempted to deliver st 6.47 a complete a lie I have CCTV of the road this is the second time its absolutely unacceptable the lies to cover incompetents I'm on the street now there are no vans and the tracking shows the van 7miles away .I want a phone by tomorrow or I will post every email you have sent and I'll see you in small claims court there's more than enough evidence for lost time and money this will the 4th day off I've had to take my god you are a incompetent organisation this is my 3rd review please read the others and you will be astounded at the level the company go to cover there backs false tracking a delivery van that suddenly disappears from the screen to appear 15 miles away from its location going in a different direction amazing"

Florin Vasile says

"The website is horrible. Gives inconclusive statuses for products. Sometimes they show up as available and you go through the whole process and at the end it lets you know that it's actually not available. Also, if you setup an alert on availability, you get messages that the product is available, even though it is not."

Raphael Itzkowitz says

"What an awful company. I purchased a bike, received it late. Wrong model and size and when they said they'd correct it, the original bike was no longer in stock. Do not buy anything from them. They did absolutely nothing to reconcile the issue, I asked for a refund."

Pat Ryan says

"They obviously don't have items in stock that they put on the Irish website. They ship from France/UK with long delays. No info for tracking number after 3 weeks and counting. Daughter won't get bike for xmas. She'll survive I suppose."

Alexx Tube says

"I write this review on December 20th.I ordered 2 wheels and a brake for a freestyle scooter 4 months ago. The wheels came after a month, and the brake didn't come to this day. And I payed full price and everything. Don't ever buy online from Dechatlon guys"

Stefanos Ganos says

"The worst e-shop ever . I have placed my order one month ago and they delivered half of the things I have paid ... No refund ... nothing ..."

Rebecca McCartney says

"SHOCKING. AVOID AVOID AVOID. Have waited 5 weeks and still got no products I ordered and paid for for a birthday present. Reached out on Live Chat and email and still no response. Anoyed im even wasting my time writing this review. AVOID. Very cross customer that will NOT be returning. Ever. BOOOOOOO and thumbs down."

MiJ says

"Ordered items on 2 November. Waited a week was told issue with warehouse. Waited another week told missing item had delayed order. Have had to open a dispute with PayPal to try to get my money back. Awful customer service and awful delivery service. I bought from the Irish website but they shipped from France. Go to your local sports shop as I normally do. Never again will I spend ,€158 in your online shop Website is awful too needs redesign"

Yvonne dR says

"The worst online experience for sales and service. Once I finally received my purchase, by giving up on the post and going to a store, the item was nothing like the visual on-line - this products was totally plastic. Decathalon would have to be the worst on-line experience I have had during COVID lockdown."

Franck J says

"I have decided to boycott your organisation after Decathlon decided to become political and remove its advertising budget from C News in France."

Suhana Khan says

"Worst sales staffs Very bad sales service, customer care by Decathlon Bannerghatta road Bangalore. staffs are rude and doesn't know how to behave properly. I've had enough of the rude, surly attitude of the staff's at Decathlon. Appalling service! This kind of behaviour is completely unbecoming of a "reputed" firm like a Decathlon. They have the worst sales staff's. had a Worst customer experience. Arrogant sales staff's.. I have never seen such a wierd arrogant lousy attitude sales staff's ever."

Mike Goodill says

"I recently ordered the: BTWIN Rockrider ST 500 Kids' 24-Inch Mountain Bike 9-12 Years - Neon Yellow Ref:2954855 Upon collecting the bike at the Stockport store - as I was taking it to my car I noticed a squeak - I found that the brakes were rubbing against the rim of the tyre on both the front and back. I took it back into store where bike technician Ross tinkered with it for a couple of minutes and then gave it back to me. I didn’t even reach the door before the same thing happened again. Ross told me to leave it with me for 20 minutes. After this time he said it was ready to go again but as soon as I squeezed the brake it stuck again- Ross informed me that this was to be expected as cheap components used and it should ‘bed in’. When I told him this was unacceptable for a brand new £160 bike he replied that that is why they offer a 3 month check- he further said that this is normal with ’cheap bikes’. I left the bike with him for 3-4 hours. Upon returning he spun the wheels to show smooth movement- as soon as I squeezed the brake the same thing occurred- he said he doesn’t understand why as he’d spent ages working on the bike. He told me it was a second bike as he’d replaced the original and that this must be the norm. His colleague Chris interjected- How do you think we feel having to put up with this day in day out? When questioned he said he is not happy with the poor quality of kids bikes in Decathlon. I urge anybody considering buying a bike at Decathlon to reconsider - they use substandard parts which their own technicians are not happy about."

Garry Grant says

"Where to start? Decathlon are advertising a new range of Inesis golf club on YouTube via a national golf magazine. I was very impressed and wanted to see and try them. I tried 9 of my closest stores - NOT ONE had any clubs in store and NOT ONE had a member of staff who knew anything about golf. I was finally told that you have to buy online which includes a money back 365 day return policy. Great! Or so I thought. I can order them, look at them but must not in any circumstances hit one ball with them. I had written exchange with customer services and it was very evident they have no golf stock knowledge and kept telling me to go into my local store and look at the clubs there. THERE ARE NO CLUBS ANYWHERE WITHIN 200 MILES OF ME! I told them... They kept up telling to go into a store I've asked 4 times now on emails and Facebook (no phone available for them) that I want to contact a Manager, head of marketing, complaints...... Anyone other than the unhelpful C. S. - thus far, they refuse me to upscale the issue as 'no one else has an email other than us at customer service'. In conclusion, I have £500 I want to spend but they can't be bothered to help me spend it."

ColinBrown says

"Utterly useless. Ordered an item online on Saturday including full payment and picked store for collection. Wednesday they email to say out of stock so will send back payment in a week. What a disorganised amateur company."

Pandu Ranga says

"In return policy on decathlon website written that u can return products in three months if it doesn’t perform well or you have a second thought for other products but when you go to return they do not take it back instead they will give stupid reasons !!!! Make you disappointed!!!"

Madhusudhana C R says

"We have purchased Bycycle on online, it has delivered us without fixing any accessories, it took another 1000 INR to fix the cycle. They said only Handle we need to correct after receiving, but No accessories are fixed.on first look my son got disappointed 😞"

Lauren Stables says

"Purchased one item online. Shipping and customer service terrible. Only two stars because the swim cap was what I wanted though I am yet to try it."

Colin MacLennan says

"The petition continues to grow, gathering signatures from all around the world, over 56,000. Submitted to Decathlon who continue to ignore it, as well as refusing meaningful dialogue with wildlife and environmental charities who have contacted them. Currently the Executives of major French environmental, academic and government bodies are reviewing Decathlon\'s status, in the light of the company\'s wide and ongoing support for the killing of songbirds and threatened species. You can support the petition here. Thank you "

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